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Pages flying through a scanning machine

Book spines restrict the knowledge of pages

Harvard is cutting spines off books to digitize them (per an article from Your first reaction might be, ‘OH NO! NOT THE SPINES! OUR BELOVED BOOKS!” But hey, if the spines of books prevent information from being shared, then so be it. Cut off the spines. What is the function of book spine? To […]

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A lot of twitter birds

Twitter is not a broadcast medium

Last year the Verge demonstrated that people tweet links to articles that they actually never read. And now the Atlantic reports that only 1% of the people who click on a tweet actually read the article. Twitter is not a broadcast medium. Twitter is not a place where you post a ton of links hoping […]

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My top twitter accounts in 2014

Why have 15 Twitter accounts?

It’s all about giving your readers what they want. Do you enjoy reading a stranger’s tweets about his/her health? I don’t, really. But I do enjoy reading the health tweets by my close friends and family. So strangers don’t have to read my tweets about chocolate cravings, I have separate those tweets into a dedicated […]

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How internet browsers can expand our reading ability

The impenetrable glass of browsers

It’s funny how flexible the internet is, yet we don’t have technology to write directly on webpages in a browser and immediately share that marginalia. When reading an article on a piece of paper, you have an immediacy with that sheet of paper where you can underline text and write notes in the margin. When […]

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